About us

Brian Washington produces cedar and pine blanket boxes, custom furniture, reproduction furniture, and cedar jewel boxes at his shop Shuswap Millwork & Finishing in the Industrial Park.
He has been in Salmon since 1989 and began to sell his work through the gift show circuit. He found that wasn't the best venue and switched to the World Log Homes show (A Kamloops based operation).

Shuswap Millwork was established in 1992. Brian only works with the best, solid wood products. Brian produces exceptional quality products, with much attention to detail. Custom, one-of-a-kind work can be requested. Sometimes all that is required is a photo and a measurement.

Brian was born on Vancouver island and was brought up in the logging and mill area of Cowichan. He joined the service in his youth, and admits it helped to straighten him out after being in "hot water" with law. After sixteen years he left the Canadian navy and found work learning carpentry, building houses and making cabinets.

Brian first started dabbling with wood after a terrible accident in the town of 100 Mile House, BC, where the fingers on one hand were severed. Thankfully after many months of extensive plastic surgery, the hand was saved. During his recovery, a friend presented him with a set of carving tools and he practiced his skills, which can be seen on the covers of his blanket boxes.

"I enjoy my work and I love to see the faces of people and the pleasure in their faces when they see my work"
-- Brian Washington

"I am proud to have Shuswap Millwork & Finishing as part of our World of Log Homes and Timber Frames Trade Shows, and I am proud to show off Brian's workmanship in my own home.
Heather Pearson, Vice President
World of Log Homes & Timber Frames

About Our Products

We guarantee our dovetail will never separate! If by some chance any joint separates, you will receive an immediate replacement.

Quality Statement
We only work with the best - solid wood products. No fiberboard, melamine, or other man made products.
We personally inspect every shipment of Cedar and Pine that comes through our doors. Any substandard product is promptly shipped back to the supplier.

All hardware is solid brass
We use no nails in our products. Wood screws covered with dowels
All boxes are dovetailed together
All water based lacquer finish
Environmentally sensitive
Long lasting finish
Care Instructions
Clean with warm water, apply clear Carnauba paste wax, rebuff periodically to renew luster.

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