Brian's carved designs have West Coast native images. "There's some Salish in my background," he says. He married a woman from the Tsimshan tribe whose family totem is a eagle and he has used the eagle image in some of his carvings.

Unique Gifts!

The Hope Chest comes with a 4" drawer inside, complete with a handle. The fittings are solid brass. The width is 18" and the height is 18", including the lid. The Hope Chest comes in lengths of 36", 42", and 48".

Traditionally the Hope Chest was used by a young woman to collect clothing, linens, and other materials toward setting up her new home after marriage.

The Treasure Chest has the familiar rounded lid which we know from children's tales, and comes with a 4" wooden drawer which has a handle for easy access. The Treasure Chest measures 18" wide and 18" high, including the lid and comes in lengths of 36" and 48".